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Starting out as a simple at-home recording studio available for friends and family to use, K9 Multimedia has developed into the ultimate resource for anyone looking to build and enhance their craft and/or ventures. Throughout the past 6 years, K9 has assisted with recording, engineering, and producing music, making promotional videos and assisting with ad campaigns, and more. With owner and founder, Kevin Maharaj (aka. Slick), constantly searching for new ideas and ways to ensure ongoing improvement, K9's ability to assist any artist or business owner will just continue to grow. 

Booking with K9 doesn't make you a client, it makes you a friend, and K9's vision is to help our friends find success in their vision, just as it has been since the very beginning. 

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Our Staff


Kevin Maharaj
(a.k.a. Slick)


Owner and founder of K9 Multimedia, Slick is originally from Toronto, Canada, and grew up with a passion for music and an interest in entrepreneurial industries. Starting out as just a personal studio, Slick began developing the vision for K9, and plans to continue developing it into a widely attributed multimedia company. However, outside of the workplace, Slick prefers to spend as much time as possible with his daughter, Serenity, as being a good dad takes the cake on his list of passions in life.

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Director of Visual Production

Destiney, passionate about visual production work, is originally from right here in Albuquerque, New Mexico and has been working with the K9 brand since the very start as a freelance visual production director. Her role has included casting, photography, costume design, and video directing - encompassing all the elements of her passion for video direction and production.


Sylus (a.k.a. Shp24k)

Sound Engineer/Media Producer

Sylus, born in Arizona but raised in Albuquerque, is a dedicated, self taught music producer and has been working on his craft for 5 years. Producing music peaked his interest when a family friend gifted Sylus a synthesizer keyboard, which sparked his passion for experimenting with sounds, arrangement, and songwriting, pushing him to quickly pick up a DAW system to take his production to higher levels. Interestingly, his dedication to the art soon persuaded an interest in fashion as he became facinated with the connection between art and the identity the artist choose to portray through their appearance. Sylus works as one of K9’s Studio Engineers, and is also the host of our weekly podcast “Off Central” airing every Thursday night. 

Originally from Connecticut, James is a sound engineer with a significant amount training in all genres of music, and in fact, has a personal goal of learning how to play at least one song on every single instrument that exists (he has already achieved this with roughly 12 instruments). James grew up very involved in the music community, and developed the passion for music technology and with a Music Industry degree from the College of St. Rose, began working at Thorne Productions, the production section of the Rose Record Group, a record label associated with the College of St. Rose. 


Sound Engineer
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