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Presidential Drip






Albuquerque, NM


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Here we would like to showcase The Presidential Drip ad campaign we designed for our client, CK. Due to K9 creation of a professional and effective marketing experience, Presidential Drip saw thousands of dollars in new revenue.

Watch the full ad!

What we did for Presidential Drip

- Sourced, ordered, and set up all the store fixtures needed to produce a professional shop including display cases, trays, etc.. 


- Created a red carpet upscale theme. 


- Professionally photographed branding pictures with all customers. 


- Organized additional promotions such as raffles.


- Directed and produced the Presidential Drip ad.


- Created digital content from the event for Presidential Drip to use as promotion in the future.

- Hosted a pop-up shop event in our space.


- Conceptualized the entirety of the branding/event (pop up shop) from start to finish 


- Graphic designed the Presidential Drip logo.


- Designed and made (produced) the 20ft backdrop.


- Supplied all the uniforms, custom for Presidential Drip.


- Provided promotion models who greeted customers, took pictures, handed out flyers, etc...


- Designed and printed event and product advertising flyers.


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