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Located in the heart of Downtown Albuquerque, K9 is a multimedia studio catering to the needs of artists, musicians, and other creatives by offering a space to create a vision. 

Our studio will grant you comprehensive access to whatever you may need as a creator or business owner to create, promote, and inspire.


We offer creative solutions  for almost anything you can imagine. Whether its an event, a product promotion, marketing, videography, photography, or design, we can can help create your vision.

Mic1 (2).jpg
  • Professional Sound Booth + Mic
  • Professional Beat Production
  • Professional Mixing & Mastering
  • In-House Sound Engineer
  • Pro Tools Software
  • Professional Studio Environment

  • Professional Lights

  • White, Black, Red & Green Backdrops

  • Professional Photo Services & Editing

Screen Shot 2021-11-16 at 6.15.39 PM.png
  • Pop-up Shops & Event Hosting
  • Custom Branded Content
  • Social Media Management
  • Marketing & Media Services

K9 Media functions as a recording studio, marketing event venue, and multimedia company.

With a sleek, modern aesthetic and minimalistic decor, K9 Studio is the perfect spot to create your own custom atmosphere for your content and events. 


Our Premium Audio Studio is fully equipped to professionally record any vocal and instrumental tracks you need, as well as provide mixing and mastering services.

K9 Multimedia Recording Studio

Our Premium Photo/Video Studio is a versatile space for your needs, and can be rented for photography, video, or marketing events.


If you are in need of marketing content, a branding event venue, or pop up sale event venue, K9 is prepared to provide you with the tools and options for all of the above.


Phone: 505 553 9279
Email: or use contact form below.

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