Recording Studio


Welcome to the Premium Audio Studio.


Booking will give you exclusive access to our modern private studio where you can work with one of our experienced engineers who will tailor each session and mix to your exact liking.


Your music is precious and so is your time, so we want to provide you with the best resources and atmosphere possible to maximize your experience and deliver the best quality. We will work with you diligently to perfect your signature sound! 


You will have access to all recording equipment: a Neumann TLM 103 condenser microphone for recording vocals, BeyerDynamic studio headphones, and Yamaha HS Series speakers for playback.


We use a Universal Audio Apollo Twin audio interface and record into ProTools where your engineer will edit your tracks. We also provide mixing and mastering services to take your song to the next level.

You can book online right from this page!


You will get a confirmation text and our studio engineer will be notified about your booking.


Book Right From This Page Or Call 505 306 1438